Prior to Girls State, each citizen is encouraged to write a bill for debate in the House and Senate.

A State General Election will take place, in which the Girls State Governor and other State Officials will be elected.

The fee of $300.00 is paid by the Auxiliary Units. The fee shall not be paid by a girls state citizen, parents or any family member of a citizen.

The Auxiliary Units raise the fees through donations, fund raisers and various other sources. Donations from previous Girls State attendees or family is appreciated.


Prior to applying to Girls State, every applicant will receive a Medical Examination Form which must be signed by a physician, determining whether or not this citizen is physically qualified to participate fully in the Program. The Medical Examination Form must be submitted with the application.

Infirmary facilities and medical personnel will be provided throughout the week, to render any needed medical attention to citizens and staff members.


Once the girls' applications have been received, an information packet will be mailed to each girl and a confirmation email will be sent to each girl who submits an email address.

The Packet includes Very Urgent Information, complete instructions on rules and regulations, general information, what to bring from home and other facts which citizens should know before leaving home for Girls State; Parents Waiver, Key Agreement, Scholarship Information and the Girls State Pledge. The packets may be downloaded from the Girls State website at http://www.georgiagirlsstate.org/forms.htm .

The forms must be filled out in a timely manner.

If you have not received your Packet by ...............TBA.........., please contact us at the numbers or the email addresses listed below.


Citizens must report to Kennedy Hall on the campus of Georgia Southern University between 1pm & 3pm on Sunday, June 12th, 2022 and they will depart on Friday, June 17th, 2022 at 1pm.

LUNCH will NOT be provided on Sunday; arrangements must be made prior to arriving at Girls State.

Once the citizen has registered, they are not allowed to leave to eat lunch. make sure you have eaten lunch before arriving on campus.

Inauguration and Graduation will be Friday, June TBA at 845am. doors open for guests at 8:15am.

The unit sponsoring you is responsible for providing transportation to Girls State but the citizen and/or her family will be responsible to get her home after graduation.