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Georgia Boys State is a comprehensive one week course in state and local government . It is a "leadership action program" where qualified male high school rising seniors take part in a practical government course. It is designed to develop a working knowledge of the structure of government and to impress upon the citizen the fact that our government is just what we make it. Along the way delegates have the opportunity to learn the political process by organizing a mythical 51st state. Each level of government is run by those delegates who are elected to serve. Instruction is presented on the law and court system, parliamentary procedure and Georgia political history.



RIVERSIDE MILITARY ACADEMY, 2001 Riverside Dr, Gainesville, Georgia

DATES: MAY 24th, 2020 to May 30th, 2020

WEB: More information will be available at www.galegion.org . Please refer to it for more information and necessary forms. Locally you may contact Post 50, Peachtree City, Boys State Coordinator, Gary Munson at PTCMunson@gmail.com or (770) 631-4699.


It is a National program of the American Legion and is a course of instruction in, as well as, a practical application of, the fundamental principles and procedures of city, county and state government under the American system.

A session, usually lasting six days, is conducted by 50 states including District of Columbia, with the top-ranking high school boys as citizens.

Under the guidance of skilled counselors and other staff members who are leading citizens, these boys learn and then practice through self-government, the duties, responsibilities and privileges of American citizenship.

GEORGIA BOYS STATE is sponsored by the American Legion, Department of Georgia, with local Legion Posts and interested civic, fraternal and patriotic organizations cooperating.

From the time they arrive, until they leave for home the citizens will get regular "sessions" of instruction in practical application of government and citizenship.

These instruction sessions, conducted by the Government instructor and the Boys State staff will include the principles and procedures of city, county and state government.

Using the know-how gained from these classes. the citizens will organize and operate their own city, county and state governments.

Emplasis will be placed on letting the boys govern themselves, under the constant guidance of the staff members. Upon arrival in Gainesville, GA, the citizens will be assigned to cities and counties, to form the mythical 51st State of Boys State.

Early in the week, each of the cities will elect officials, who will operate the city government during the week.

Later, each county will elect county officials. There will be appointed officials at all levels of government.

Each boy will be assigned to a party (Nationalist or Federalist) and either to the Boys State House or Senate.

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